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Toysdorado has been around since 2006 and is maintained by two dedicated souls with a love for Be@rbricks. We've spent countless hours registering objects and improving our website and we continue to do so every year.

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If you have an account with us you can not only create your own Collection but can also enjoy several free membership benefits.
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Database Access Browse and explore our entire database
All Images Access to all full size images registered in our database on object pages
Search Result Preferences Select how many search results are displayed, options from 5 to 50
Original Item Prices See the cost price of Be@rbricks in their original currency
Personal Collection Create your own Collection; you can also share your pride with fellow collectors

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Having revised our website fully for the third time (April 2015) we decided to offer you a simple way to show your support. As a thank you we're giving you max convenience when you visit, including removing all of the site's adverts.

VIP "Supporter" Membership is USD 19.99/Year via PAYPAL (also supports major credit cards).

You get all benefits included in "Collector" membership, plus the following:
Benefit Description
Item Price Preferences Choose in which currency original item prices are displayed for easier evaluation
Thumbnail Size Preferences Choose the size for thumbnails on your search results pages, from XS to XXXL
Personal Bookmarks Create bookmarks for your favorite Be@rbricks or pieces you want to buy
No Advertising Enjoy Toysdorado completely ad free! No distractions when looking up amazing Be@rbrick designs

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